Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Training Ground Tour

Very interesting tour luckily it was a beautiful  day so we saw it at it's best. We arrived at 10.30 and were signed in at the gate by security who knew all about us and where we came from and who we were representing. In our group there were people from Japan, Australia, America and all across the UK. We made our way to reception and were issued with  bright orange overshoes as no outside footwear is allowed anywhere in the training centre, coffee and biscuits were provided until the tour started, we were to be escorted round by a member of staff by the name of Sean. 

The tour started in the first team changing and boot rooms, I have never seen so many different coloured boots in my life, every colour except black and Olivier Giroud even has a pink spotted pair.

The complex consists of first team dressing room and boot room accessed by the main reception area, first team training pitch to the left of the main building, this is at least twice the size of the Emirates, the reserves and academy enter by a separate entrance to the left of the main entrance about 50 mts away this they call the longest walk in the world as if you can walk from the junior dressing room to the first squad you have made it, very few do.  
The whole complex is 45acres with 16000 trees, 5 football pitches, an indoor training area two football pitches in size 16 gardeners are employed plus 3 groundsmen.

The gyms and treatment rooms would not disgrace the finest private hospital anywhere in the world which of coarse it is I suppose everything is total state of the art, everyone is monitored all the time.The swimming pool even has a floor that goes up and down depending on what they are doing.

We finished up where we started, in the restaurant for lunch which was finger food but very good, the tour ended with a question and answer session with John Lucic who gave us an insight of what is expected of someone playing for Arsenal, almost monk like, I wouldn't qualify.

Thanks again all the members for the honour of representing our club we are truly grateful.

Tony & Sandra 

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