Friday, June 17, 2011

2011/12 Season Fixtures Released

The 2011/12 Premier League fixtures were announced earlier today. Arsenal's 2011/12 title campaign will kick off with a game against Newcastle away from home on 13 August. Then, they have to play against Liverpool at home and make a trip to Old Trafford on either side of the second leg of Chamions League play-off. Is this a punishment for having failed to finish in the top three last season?

Arsenal's 2011/12 fixtures look like this (subject to changes ... due to TV scheduling as usual):

(H and A denote home and away, respectively.)

13Sat Barclays Premier League Newcastle United 
16/17Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Play-off Round 1st Leg
20Sat Barclays Premier League Liverpool 
23/24Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Play-off Round 2nd Leg
27Sat Barclays Premier League Manchester United
 10SatBarclays Premier League Swansea City 
 13/14Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 1
 17Sat Barclays Premier League Blackburn Rovers 
 21Wed Carling Cup Round Three
 24Sat Barclays Premier League Bolton Wanderers 
 27/28Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 2
Sat Barclays Premier League Tottenham Hotspur 
15 Sat Barclays Premier League Sunderland 
18/19Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 3
22 Sat Barclays Premier League Stoke City 
26 Wed Carling Cup Round Four 
29 Sat Barclays Premier League Chelsea 
 1/2Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 4
 5Sat Barclays Premier League West Bromwich Albion 
 19Sat Barclays Premier LeagueNorwich City 
 22/23Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 5
 26Sat Barclays Premier League Fulham 
 30Wed Carling Cup Quarter-Final
 3Sat Barclays Premier League Wigan Athletic 
 6/7Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Matchday 6
 10Sat Barclays Premier League Everton 
 17Sat Barclays Premier League Manchester City 
 21Wed Barclays Premier League Aston Villa 
 26Mon Barclays Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers 
 31Sat Barclays Premier League Queens Park Rangers 
 2MonBarclays Premier League Fulham 
 7Sat FA CupRound Three
 11WedCarling Cup Semi-Final 1st Leg 
 14Sat Barclays Premier League Swansea City 
 21Sat Barclays Premier League Manchester United 
 25Wed Carling Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg 
 28Sat FA Cup Round Four 
 31Tue Barclays Premier League Bolton Wanderers 
 4Sat Barclays Premier League Blackburn Rovers 
 11Sat Barclays Premier League Sunderland 
 14/15/21/22Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Round of 16 1st Leg
 18Sat FA Cup Round Five 
 25Sat Barclays Premier League Tottenham Hotspur 
 26Sun Carling Cup Final 
 3Sat Barclays Premier League Liverpool 
 6/7/13/14Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Round of 16 2nd Leg
 10Sat Barclays Premier League Newcastle United 
 17Sat Barclays Premier LeagueEverton 
(Or FA Cup Quarter-Final) 
 24Sat Barclays Premier League Aston Villa 
 27/28Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Quarter-Final 1st Leg
 31Sat Barclays Premier League Queens Park Rangers 
 3/4Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Quarter-Final 2nd Leg
 7Sat Barlcays Premier League Manchester City 
 9Mon Barclays Premier League Wolverhampton Wanderers 
 14Sat Barclays Premier League Wigan Athletic 
(Or FA Cup Semi-Final) 
 17/18Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Semi-Final 1st Leg
 21Sat Barclays Premier League Chelsea 
 24/25Tue/WedUEFA Champions League-Semi-Final 2nd Leg
 28Sat Barclays Premier League Stoke City 
 5Sat Barclays Premier League Norwich City *
(Or FA Cup Final) 
 13Sun Barclays Premier League West Bromwich Albion 
 19SatUEFA Champions LeagueNFinal

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