Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Cold Night in June and 300 Happy Gooners (The Arsenal Supporters End of Season Party)

Sandra and I were very pleased to represent the PLAYA FLAMENCA GOONERS at the annual end of season party held at The Emirates on 4th June, it was a cold wet windy evening (typical English summer) but the mood was very upbeat and happy as we waited for the reception to open at 19.30.

We started with complimentary drinks in the reception area at the end of this was a dias with both the FA cup and the Ladies FA cup that the girls had won two days earlier (well done) we had our photos taken with both trophies as I was wearing our club cup final shirt I thought the PFG emblem looked good next to the FA cup and could get used to it . (pixs to follow)

The main event was a question and answer session with Ivan Gazidis and guests this was chaired by the stadium announcer (name escapes me), he first introduced  I.G who walked in from the back of the audience to a warm reception, next he introduced Pat Rice who got the biggest cheer of the night everyone stood up and cheered him to the rafters after all his travails recently, next up came Perry Groves, then came the guy who's assist won us the cup in 1979 Graham Rix who also received a rousing reception.

I.G started the session with an update on the works ongoing at the training ground at London Colney to expand the facilities and various other works, but, of course what everyone wanted to know was what was happening on the transfer front "we are in deep and meaningfull negotiations with a number of people which are ongoing and cannot be discussed, a stock answer I suppose, which has been blogged to death.

Various Questions were asked by other members of the audiance from places as diverse South Africa, Hungary, Japan (your not alone Michie) also the Gay Gooners, did you know we are the foremost club to champion gay rights in football. Most of the questions revolved around the 1st team of course and it was the general consensus of all the panel that the team spirit and togetherness was better now than for years, this is put down to the German influence (they haff ways of making you smile) and the never say die attitude especially the BFG.

After the Q&A the meeting broke up with members having another photo shot with the two trophies and the members of the panel.

To sum up what a difference a trophy makes, the atmosphere in December for the Christmas party was tense and angry with I.G giving a very short address and looking like he would like to be anywhere but there and Sir Chips not even bothering to turn up, all in all a good evening well spent.


                                                    Sandra & Tony (without Millie)


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